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#walkingwild: Unterwegs im Briesetal

In Berlin, Niko and I have already discovered some great oases of calm and feel-good places that attract us regularly. On this weekend in autumn it should be a special place again that invited us on a mini adventure. On #walkingwild I stumbled upon a photo that I really wanted to see in person.

The Briesetal is considered the western entrance to the Barnim Nature Park. Its name is derived from the Old Slavic word breza  (birch). 

Sometimes it’s so quiet that you can even hear the silence? That’s how I felt on that autumn morning in the Briesetal. The deep green forest swallows almost all sounds. Only the wind makes the leaves rustle now and then. And we’re less than an hour away from Alexanderplatz and yet somehow in a different world.

The idyllic Bachtal is part of a landscape protection area in the north of Berlin. As a tributary of the Havel, the Briese comes from the Wandlitzsee, flows through the Rahmersee and Lubowsee and meanders to Birkenwerder, where it flows into the Havel. Just 16 kilometers long, the Briese enchants with its beauty and serenity. Peat used to be cut in this area. Today swampy meadows and mixed forests of pine, oak, birch and black alder characterize the landscape.

In autumn, when the sun’s rays gently seep through the leaves

Early in the morning we stroll down the sleepy local road from the Birkenwerder S-Bahn station. Past the coffee house, flower shops and colorful front gardens. At the large crossroads as the starting point for the circular hiking trail, I first have to look at my map so that we don’t walk in the wrong direction – because there is still nothing to see of the mysterious Briesetal. We continue towards Kolonie Briese – we leave the Boddensee on the left, cross a bridge over the Berliner Ring and stand in the middle of the forest.

We start at the forest school in Briese, which has exciting exhibitions and offers for young and old to find out everything about the local flora and fauna.

A landscape with many characters

In some places the small stream has dug astonishingly deep into the earth. It flows leisurely, sometimes becomes very wide and looks like a quiet lake, from which islands with reeds and alders protrude. And sometimes the duckweed sits so close that you have a light green area in front of you. Behind the striking bridge, about halfway to Birkenwerder, the breeze changes its character again: Dammed up by some dead wood and beaver dams, it floats in its creek bed. It is now as wide as a lake. Swampy and covered with duckweed, it shimmers green. The bare trees give the scenery something mystical. I finally found the photo subject and I really hope that Niko can hold back from exploring this mysterious something.

A paradise for animals and plants

The biodiversity in the Briesetal is really impressive – the alder swamps and coniferous forests, meadows and slopes provide enough habitats for many plants and animals. Blue feather dragonflies dance over the water. So-called moor frogs also live here, the males of which turn sky blue in spring. Rare animal species such as the  mourning cloak , the  kingfisher  and the  stag beetle  find their place along the breeze. And rare plants such as the  broad-leaved orchid , the  water feather  or the  great balsam  are waiting to be admired.

Briese 13, 16547 Birkenwerder

Briesetal hiking trail

The entire route extends for approximately 16 kilometers. If you want to take the time to discover nature in all its facets, you should plan four or better five hours. If you have enough time in your luggage you can hike from the forest school next to the river to Zühlsdorf – with the way back on the other side of the bank, however, it is 20 kilometers. However, shortening can also be made at the Hubertusbrücke and Schlagbrücke.

There and away

Either with the S1 or S8 to Birkenwerder or with the S1 to Karow, there change to the RB 27 to Zühlsdorf station. If you arrive by car, drive on the B 96 to Birkenwerder, at the intersection of B96 and B96a turn right into Brieseallee. After a while, turn right under the railway line and then turn left into Fichteallee. It goes over the Berliner Ring and through the forest to the parking lot Waldschule Briesetal.


The Briesetal is a popular destination for nature lovers, families and city dwellers who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Berlin. In the early bird fashion, I like to enjoy our hikes in the early hours of the morning. Then we usually have nature all to ourselves.

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